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My Bilingual Book of Festivals

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Have you ever wondered why we celebrate certain festivals and when we celebrate them? Here is a bilingual book that has everything you need to know about some of the popular festivals we celebrate including key Chinese festivals! 

The list of festivals in this book are:

  • New Year's Day 元旦 (Yuán dàn)
  • Lunar New Year 农历新年 (Nóng lì xīn nián)
  • Easter 复活节 (Fù huó jié)
  • Tomb Sweeping Festival 清明节 (Qīng míng jié)
  • Dragonboat Festival 端午节 (Duān wǔ jié)
  • Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 (Zhōng qiū jié)
  • Halloween 万圣节 (Wàn shèng jié)
  • Christmas 圣诞节 (Shèng dàn jié)

Every page is bright and colourful with colour-coded text to help you identify key words and sentence formation. There are also key words with illustrations so your child can do a search-and-find game with the detailed illustrations of the book. The book is written in both Chinese plus Pinyin and English making it perfect for non-native Chinese speakers/readers who would like to expose their child more to the Chinese culture.

The book also comes with

  • Sticker sheet (1 sticker sheet)
  • Lunar New Year postcard (1 postcard)
  • Printable bilingual flashcards pack (48 words in PDF)
  • Festivals Facts eBook (8 fact sheets in PDF) 
  • Festivals Colouring eBook (12 pages in PDF)
  • Professional Mandarin Chinese Audio (MP3)

all to pique your child's interest and enrich learning! 

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