Our Story

Hello! My name is PayLing and I'm the creator of Curious Little Me. I have a very  curious little one myself and her name is Emily. She is the reason without a doubt the inspiration to creating this bookshop online for bilingual books and resources to help others who are in the same boat as we are as I know how hard they are to find. 

I am a Chinese Malaysian so am able to speak three languages (English, Malay and Chinese) so when Emily was born, there was no doubt that I would want Emily to know the Chinese language so she could communicate with my parents and family back home. This then led to a search of bilingual English and Chinese (with pinyin) books which was obviously very hard to find! Then came the thought that if I was having this much trouble what more other parents as well? 

Learning another language not only allows them to communicate better with others but also helps them understand their traditions, culture and origin. It will also help them see the world through different perspectives and have an awareness of the different cultures which then allows them to embrace the diversity as they grow up in a world of multiculturalism. 

So why not plant the seed of language in your curious little ones today? We hope you love our products just as much as we do and can't wait to fill your curious little one's world with colour, music and culture!