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A Magical Book of Numbers

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A new way to learn Chinese

A Magical Book of Numbers is a bilingual children's book that will captivate your young language learner as they learn to count in Chinese! The book comes with a companion augmented reality (AR) app that magically brings the book to life — a pairing that's a first of its kind in the world of language learning!

A colorful and vibrant bilingual book

The book includes a diversity of vocabulary and measure words to expose your child to the intricacies of the Chinese language. Each page is written in Traditional Chinese, Pinyin, Zhuyin, and English.

Mandarin and Cantonese

Toggle between a native Mandarin or Cantonese speaker at any time in the app! The book comes to life in either Pinyin or Jyutping, and the written words are highlighted while spoken in the target language.

How it works

Using the companion Kebi Books iOS app, simply point your camera at any page in the book and watch it come to life in animation, while a native Chinese speaker reads the characters on the page. You'll hear Chinese pronunciation accompanied by magical AR effects, encouraging your young language learner to count along. Without needing to be a native speaker yourself, you'll be able to support your child's language learning journey!

Don't forget to have a play with the hidden companion games in the app to learn Chinese in a new and unique way!